1. What type of camera do you use?

An iPhone 5c. The yellow one. Upgrade! An iPhone 6s. The rose gold one. Not that you can tell it’s rose gold, because I had to put a cover on to protect it from, you know, getting dropped in a bowl of hot soup that I’m trying to take a picture of. 

2. Do you have any professional culinary training?

Unless you count working at a sandwich shop during college, no.

3. When did you become interested in cooking?

I could tell you that I was coerced into it at the tender age of 12 when my mom went back to school to get a nursing degree and my brother and I started taking care of most of the household chores, including making dinner at least once a week. But I was slightly obsessed with food long before that happened. Somewhere in my parents’ attic, there is a box with a cookbook that I made in 3rd grade. It was printed on that continuous paper from the 80’s (you know, the kind with the pull-away edges that have holes in them) and included recipes for things like a bagel salad that involved putting cream cheese and bacon on toasted bagels and then chopping them up into pieces and serving them in a bowl, or building a volcano of whipped cream with lava made from red Twizzlers going down the sides and a red M&M dropped in the center. I’m pretty sure I never actually made any of those recipes. My mom also claims that I had plans to open a Jell-O restaurant. 

4. Why do you have so many leftovers? Is it because no one liked what you made in the first place?

What! How preposterous! Of course my meals are delicious! The things I’m trying to use up are not leftover dishes per se, but extra ingredients, like when a recipe calls for cup of buttermilk but it’s only sold by the pint. 

5. Why do you use so many parentheses and rambling sentences?

Because I try write in a way that reflects how I think, so its more conversational then what I’d use in formal writing, and it can be a little sporadic sometimes. So their might be some incorrect grammar in this blog, but hopefully your not to bothered by it. 

6. What was your reaction when—6 months after you started your blog—you got an email from Bon Appétit that used the expression “pantry hero” ?

 Profanity may have been used. 

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