I hate throwing food away. I think it’s a combination of two things: 1) growing up with parents who were not only pretty frugal (my mom still gets excited about stocking her freezer with BOGO deals on pork tenderloin—can’t say I don’t do the same) but also environmentally conscious (my brother and I would get berated if we neglected to compost an apple core) and 2) being someone who really likes cooking and is willing to spend a decent amount on groceries but sometimes has panic attacks when I think about my teacher salary.

I’m a little obsessive about not wasting that last hunk of cheese that maybe smells funky in a good cheese-y way or maybe is just a little off, and that celery that has been sitting in the produce drawer for so long that it’s about as crisp as a Twizzler.

My husband has said that the best thing I make is leftovers. I took it as a compliment.

So, I started this blog with the intent of sharing recipes that use up odds and ends, stuff that’s about to go bad, or things that are just taking up too much space in the freezer. I like to think that it’s sort of like Stump the Cook on The Splendid Table, except that I’m not forced to do things like combine canned tuna and blueberries. Also, disclaimer: I will totally go buy 10 new ingredients so that I can make something tasty with that Twizzler-celery I’m trying to finish up. Which, a week later, just ends up leaving me with a new challenge about what to do with that half a head of cabbage that’s turning brown.

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